Vicon Motion Capture Workshop 2018

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Dear Friends & Client ,

We’re from Summit Features Sdn Bhd would like to invite you & your team to our upcoming
workshop :
Date : 27th to 28th November 2018 (Tuesday – Wednesday)
Venue : Royal Chulan Damansara Hotel
Fees : MYR820(Student) MYR950(Open) – Early Birds Price until 31st October 2018.
Seats Limited to 50 PAX Only.

Free Clinical Biomechanics Textbook to 15 Qualified Graduate Students

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The Comprehensive Textbook of Clinical Biomechanics (April 2018) by Professor Jim Richards is a thought-provoking textbook suitable for students and professionals from both the research and clinical worlds.

Ground-breaking discoveries in understanding the neuromuscular system by revered scientists from Francisco Redi (1626-1697) to Carlo J. De Luca (1942-2016) can be found in chapter 10.

Delsys and Delsys Europe are pleased to make a limited number of copies available to qualified students free of charge. More details & register here

Whatever Your Motion Capture Application VICON Can Help

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All Vicon software uses the same core engine, bringing the benefits of Vicon’s market leading motion capture algorithms, calibration, the best real time in the business, labeling and solving to everyone.

Academy Award®-winning Vicon specializes in developing accessible motion capture technology that delivers the most precise, reliable data in any movement analysis application.

If you’re new to the industry, or just trying to understand how you might be able to benefit from mocap technology, we will help you better understand the features you may be looking for and why they are important.

Motion capture (mocap) is the process of recording the movement of objects or people. The technology originated in the life science market for gait analysis but is now used widely by VFX studios, sports therapists, neuroscientists, and for validation and control of computer vision and robotics.

Credit Source : VICON : What is Motion Capture

Study Of Injuries In Recreational Runners With a New Motion Analysis System

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A new research project at Dublin City University plans to “revolutionise” the analysis of running techniques in a bid to halt the rising catalogue of injuries among leisure runners and joggers. It brings together expertise in human movement and sports related injuries from the School of Health and Human Performance with expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence from Insight Centre for Data Analytics.

It has been estimated that up to 79% of all runners become injured from recreational running every year – and with its growing popularity as a leisure activity this rising catalogue of injuries is inflicting a strain on both the work force and the health system, according to researchers in DCU. These injuries are likely to prevent recreational runners from continuing with running and gaining the health and social benefits associated with running.

Now, an ambitious research team from the university’s ‘Running Injury Surveillance Centre’ (RISC) within the School of Health and Human Performance and Insight Centre for Data Analytics plans to plug the gap in injury research with the largest study of recreational and novice runners undertaken in Europe.

They are asking for volunteer runners of all levels to participate in a two year study in which their strength, flexibility and running technique will be analysed using state of the art technology. This will give recreational runners the chance to get a taste of performance analysis at a whole new level, one which has been experienced only by Ireland’s most elite runners in the past.

Dr Kieran Moran, RISC research group leader says: “Questions still remain surrounding the causes of running injuries, leading to a considerable barrier regarding effective prevention. We plan to use inexpensive, wearable sensor technology to detect injury risk with the ultimate goal of reducing running related injuries in Ireland. Simultaneously, we will collect and analyse running technique with a new  €300,000 ‘motion analysis system’ from Science Foundation Ireland to validate the wearable technology.”

Ultimately the use of wearable sensors combined with artificial intelligence will allow us to provide runners with an inexpensive, technological solution that can help determine their predisposition to injury”.

The first part of this study is to identify the predisposing causes of injury. Runners taking part will have their running technique assessed and should they sustain an injury over the following 2 years, runners will be provided with an assessment and injury management advice.

“The research is distinctive because it will allow for real-time analysis of running technique. Knowledge of the causes of injury collected in this manner would mean that a runner could be informed immediately by the RISC system that they need to adjust their technique or training programme, and how they should do this,” says Aoife Burke, PhD student and Certified Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapist (ARTC)working on the study.

“This system will also be able to provide individualised feedback to runners over time and detect changes in technique specific to them, rather than just comparing them to other runners who may have a different body size, muscle and tissue strength and previous injuries,” adds Sarah Dillon, PhD candidate and Chartered Physiotherapist.


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Vicon Training Workshop @ MJIIT

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On 27th March 2018 , Aaron Chin , Senior Technical Support from Vicon Motion System Ltd UK come to Malaysia to give support for our basic Vicon training workshop held at MJIIT (Malaysia – Japan International Institute Technology). (more images click here MJIIT Vicon Training)

This workshop was organized after the relocation project already completed a few days before.