Autonomous Gait Monitoring in Parkinson’s Disease

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Autonomous Gait Monitoring in Parkinson’s Disease
An NIH-supported study translating technology into health

Monitoring gait with wearable sensors holds promise for improving medical assessment and treatment for millions of people affected by movement disorders like Parkinson’s Disease (PD). However, most sensor-based gait monitors fail to detect subtle yet clinically relevant abnormalities, such as reduced arm swing or shuffling of steps.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) actively supports translational research efforts aimed at decreasing the burden of PD and other neurological diseases. With funding from NIH, we have developed a novel approach consisting of advanced body-worn sensors and machine-learning algorithms to monitor, in real-time, the quality of gait movements in activities of daily living.

Join Bhawna Shiwani & John Letizi this October to go behind the scenes of this NIH-supported study, and learn:

  • What is the “fingerprint” of abnormal gait, and how we can detect it automatically
  • Why high-fidelity EMG + IMU sensors are crucial for measuring quality of movement
  • How clinically relevant data metrics from wearable technology can revolutionize health care research today & tomorrow

If you are not able to attend the live webinar, make sure to register for the Autonomous Gait Monitoring in Parkinson’s Disease webinar and we will send you a recording following the event.

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New Delsys Products at ISB 2017 Brisbane

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Delsys, Inc. will be attending the ISB 2017 Conference next week in Brisbane, QLD. We’ll be showcasing our new Trigno™ Avanti Sensor, an advanced EMG/IMU sensor with the ability to communicate directly to tablets via Bluetooth or Trigno base stations via proprietary RF protocol.

We’re sharing Booth #14 with CSMi in support of our new HUMAC/EMG integration, the only isokinetic machine software to include EMG protocols that guide the user towards research-grade results.

If interested in scheduling a dedicated visit to the booth, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you there!

To Advance our Understanding of Human Movement – From Delsys

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Time flies quickly. The support my colleagues and I have received from the biomechanics community in the past 12 months has been heart-warming. We are grateful.

Our commitment to the biomechanics community continues through ground-breaking work and publications by our R&D Team, support for students & researchers through the De Luca Foundation, and the development of innovative technology to help researchers explore new frontiers.

We look forward to:

  • Release of Trigno™ Avanti Wireless EMG and movement sensor in FALL 2017
  • Release of wireless Trigno™ Quattro in LATE 2017
  • Release of wireless dynamic EMG decomposition sensor and advanced software tools in EARLY 2018
  • Release of wireless Grid sEMG and movement sensors in EARLY 2018

Understanding human movement is a formidable task. We are honored that Delsys instruments are at the center of some of today’s most complex challenges & exciting discoveries.


Devi De Luca
Delsys, Inc.