Vicon Launch Nexus 2.7 – IMUs in the optical world

We are excited to announce the launch of Vicon Blue Thunder IMU

Vicon is pleased to announce the launch of Vicon Blue Thunder IMU, enabling real-time data capture in Nexus from inertial sensors, increasing the opportunities within the research community with new ways to carry out movement analysis and measurement.

Blue Thunder IMU and Nexus 2.7

Product Details

Vicon IMU Sensor – This small, lightweight device (only 12g) contains three sensors, creating a 9-axis inertial measurement unit. High-fidelity data can be stored on the device or transmitted via Bluetooth to either your smartphone when the sensor is used with the IMU Research app, or to a PC when used with Vicon Nexus.

Sensors are available to purchase now. Please contact your account manager for price and availability.

Nexus 2.7 brings a set of new exciting features including:

  • Gait cycle visualization in time bar
  • Display components in Quick Reports
  • New calibration feedback
    • Export calibration as a CSV
    • Compare calibrations
    • Calibration threshold
    • Sort calibration columns
  • Updated Log notifications
  • ProCalc pipeline operation
  • Vicon IMU integration
  • High pass filter operation
  • Sounds configuration
  • Firmware notifications
  • PiG joint centers
  • Protect system configuration files

Nexus 2.7 will be required by any user who wants to incorporate Vicon Blue Thunder IMUs into their environment.


#ISOW – Inertial Sensors in an Optical World

If you have any questions in the meantime, please let us know.

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