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Dear Colleagues,

Gait and Posture is planning a virtual special issue (VSI) on the topic “Clinical Impact of Instrumented Motion Analysis”. Our thought is that this issue will include papers related to how instrumented motion analysis impacts clinical decision‐making, treatment, outcomes, etc. We are reaching out to the boards of the affiliated societies and leaders in the field to request suggestions for potential authors and topics to include in this special issue. Papers will include both review articles and original research. The scope will also include technologies coming into broader use such as accelerometers and inertial measurement units in addition to traditional 3D motion capture. It will include any clinical application, and we especially encourage submissions that go beyond gait in cerebral palsy.

The virtual special issue is an electronic compilation bringing attention to a topic of interest. Manuscripts may be submitted specifically for the VSI or be drawn from regular submissions to the journal. Accepted papers are published as usual in a regular issue, but are also linked to the VSI electronically. This avoids delays in publication that would be associated with waiting for release of the special issue. The advantage of having a paper included in the special issue is that it will be highlighted and likely draw greater attention.

We are hoping to receive proposals with author names, manuscript title, and brief description of content by January 2018 and have manuscripts submitted by June 2018 to begin the peer review process. Our target is to release the VSI in early 2019.

Please send this solicitation to your society members and colleagues and also let us know if there are authors you think we should contact directly. We are particularly interested in authors who would be qualified to contribute review articles for the virtual issue. Please send any suggestions or have potential authors contact us directly at twren@chla.usc.eduand/or chou@uoregon.edu.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas regarding this proposed special issue.


Tishya Wren & Li‐Shan Chou
Associate Editors of Gait and Posture

Thomas Dreher, MD, PhD
Editor‐In‐Chief of Gait and Posture

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